We are certificated dealer of Heat Exchangers produced by SWEP

Atermal – official dealer of compact, brazed, plate heat exchangers (BPHEs) produced by SWEP International AB.

Company ATERMAL provide specialized help in calculation and choose of heat exchangers for heating, refrigerant and any other installations in which heating or cooling media is necessary.

Based on long experience, perfect knowledge of product, heat transfer issues and calculation programs we help in design of heat substations, pipe heat distribution network, solar installations and every other with heat exchangers. We cooperate with installers of heat substations who are experienced and accepted in district heating enterprises.

Atermal also offer maintenance of brazed plate heat exchangers or gasketed plate heat exchangers, cleaning of heat exchangers, refurbishing of screwed plate heat exchangers, selling new gaskets, new plate packs.

The main goal for ATERMAL is distribution of SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers quickly in competitive price and with comprehensive information about heat exchangers, available connections, new released heat exchangers and achievements in heat transfer technology.

SWEP is leading world supplier of brazed plate heat exchangers and related products and services. SWEP supply heat exchangers for Air conditioning, Refrigeration, Heating, Industry and District Energy. Based on leading-edge technology Company offers wider range of brazed plate heat exchangers for hundreds of applications. They produce innovative and high-quality products with really short delivery time. The range of offered heat exchangers is continuously spread and improved; details of it will be described on our page.

Heat Exchangers – Inquiry and orders please send on atermal@atermal.com, +48 602 620 317

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